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Psychology 1000
Wolfe/ Quinlan

Appendix: Statistics in Psychology - Descriptive Statistics: o Descriptive statistics: summarize and describe the characteristics of a set of scores. o Frequency distribution: shows how many participants received each score. o Histogram: graph of frequency distribution. - Measures if Central Tendency: o Measures of central tendency describe a distribution in terms of a statistic that is in some way "typical: of the samples as a whole. o Mode: most frequently occurring score in a distribution. o Mean: arithmetic average of a set of scores. o Median: point that divides the distribution in half when the individual scores are arranged from lowest to highest. - Measures of Variability: o Measures of variability provide information about the spread of scores in a distribution. o Range: difference between the highest and lowest score in a distribution. o Variance: the average of the squared deviation score about the mean. o Standard deviation: square r
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