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Western University
Psychology 1000
Erica Lawson

September 11, 2012 Psychology Lecture 1 Notes The Nature of Psychology  E.G. Boring once observed that psychology has a long past, but a short history. The long past indicates that psychology has roots extending back to the ancient Greek philosophers. But the study of psychology as a distinct discipline only began in 1879 when Wundt (pronounced “vunt”) established the first psychological laboratory in Leipzig, Germany  Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and the mind  The term behaviour refers to actions and responses that we can directly observe  The term mind refers to internal states and processes o i.e. thoughts & feelings that cannot be seen directly and that must be inferred from observable & measurable responses o ex. love or admiration for someone else  Clinical Psychology - The study and treatment of mental disorders  Cognitive Psychology - The study of mental processes, especially from a model that views the mind as an information processor  Biopsychology - A subfield of psychology that focuses on the biological underpinnings of behaviour. Biopsychologists examine how brain processes, genes, and hormones influence our actions, thoughts, and feelings September 11, 2012  Developmental Psychology - Examines changes in our biological, physical, psychological, and behavioural processes as we age social development across the lifespan (i.e. how our brains develop)  Experimental Psychology - Focuses on such basic processes as learning, sensory systems (e.g., vision, hearing), perception, and motivational states (e.g., sexual motivation, hunger, thirst)  Industrial-organizational (I/O) Psychology - Examines people's behaviour in the workplace. I/O psychologists study leadership, teamwork, and factors that influence employees' job satisfaction, work motivation, and performance  Personality Psychology - Focuses on the study of human personality. Personality psychologists seek to identify core personality traits and how different traits relate to one another and influence behaviour  Social Psychology - Examines peoples thoughts, feelings, and behaviour pertaining to the social world: the world of other people. Social psychologists study how people influence one another, behave in groups, and form impressions and attitudes  Empirical evidence - Evidence gained through experience and observation  In science these observations need to be systematic (i.e. pe
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