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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Textbook Notes

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Sociology 2169

Chapter NineWorkFamily ConflictWhat is WorkFamily ConflictWorkfamily conflictoccurs when work responsibilities and obligations interfere with family responsibilities and obligationsRefers to two distinct events o Time or role conflictmultiple roles require us to be in two or more places at once o Stress and anxietywhen people are faced with two sets of competing demands they can experience stressIs a problem of timeRole overload total demands on time and energy are associated with the prescribed activities or multiple roles are too great to perform the roles adequately or comfortablyBoth roles of worker and parent cannot be easily combined because both are so demanding in time and commitment o Worker demands mental and physical investment and constant availabilityo Parent demands large emotional and physical investment and frequent availabilityRole strainsthe experience of discomfort pressure worry anxiety tensions or frustration that may arise when people function in both work and home life o Role conflictrole strainSources of WorkFamily Conflict Paid WorkAbstract workerone with no family no children or other outside obligations who exists only for the workthth 19 and 20 centuriesman devoted time and energy to their paid work to provide for household while wives devoted their time to maintain a home and raising childreno Ideal division of labour family work and paid work both completed Today hard for men to completely detach themselves from their families and less common for women to be specialized in just homemaking Typical worker today cannot be assumed to have no outside obligations to interfere with work commitments House Labour and Cleaning thth In 19 and 20 centurieshousehold work for women was a fulltime activity that they performed by themselves for their familieso Important duties raising children and maintaining a homeIdeal homemakercentered her life and work around these obligationsputting needs of her family and household before her own Homemaking was an activity parallel to working for payFamilies could not rely solely on one income so wives had to start working outside of the homeo Deviated the ideal and became twocareer familiesSome families headed by female single parents A majority of men and women are in the labour force combine work and childbearing Workfamily conflict more extensive for women have responsibility for raising children and maintaining a home
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