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Chapter 9


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Sociology 2233
Brendan Murphy

Ch 9Interpersonal Attraction Maintaining friendships having positive warm relationships make people happiestPropinquity effect finding that the more we see and interact with people the more likely they are to become our friendsWorks on a micro levelRelies on both physical and psychological functional distance Functional distance certain aspects of architectural design that make it likely that some people will come into contact with each other more often than othersMere exposure effect more exposure we have to a stimulus more apt we are to like it Familiarity leads to attraction whether it is facetoface or onlineIf you feel negatively toward a person more exposuremore dislike The Harper Effect more we see him less we like himShared musical taste motivated friendship formation Commonly online formed relationships move to offline modes of communicationSimilarity effects most likely to be found for traits related to ones value system Similar personalities strongest for reciprocated friendship pairs Similarity for of activity preferences stronger predictor of attraction than attitudes sim Individualistic cultures place more emphasis on similarity effectsWhy Similarity is important in attraction Tendency to think those similar to us will be inclined to like us Social validation for our characteristics and beliefsprovide with us the feeling that we are right in our views and thinking Rewards of interaction explanation if person feels same way we do on important issues we assume it would be enjoyable to spend time with themAttraction can lead to perceived similarity Liking can make up for absence of similarityHigh attractiveness large eyes small nose small chin prominent cheekbones narrow cheeks high eyebrows large pupils big smile Baby face features large eyes elicit feelings of warmth and nurturance in perceivers Prominent cheekbones adult feature found only in the faces of those who are sexually mature Beauty in the female associated w childlike qualities more so than in males Visual pov affects what you find most attractive forehead chin exampleFemales prefer men with low 2D4D ratio longer ring finger Western cultures perceive long legs as more attractive than Eastern Males find smaller feet in females more attractive and opposite true for reversedAttractiveness and income positively correlated for men
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