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Chapter 2 Nature and Social Behaviour Explaining the Psyche - Most explanations for human behaviour and psyche is nature and culture - Nature: Evolutionary theory to understand behaviour patterns Evolution and Doing what is Natural - (1) prolong life and (2) reproduction - Natural Selection: which traits will disappear and which will continue based on survival and reproduction o Survival of the fittest o Reproduction is most important o Being social is a strategy that that enables some animals to survive and reproduce effetively o Social animals must have complex, powerful brains - Robin Dunbar (studied brain size) o Bigger brains were linked to having larger more cmplex social groups (humans have a social brain) o Inner processes serve interpersonal functions Culture and Human Social Life - Culture is the essence of what makes us human - Culture is an advanced way of being social - Shared ideas, culture as a system of many moving parts that work together (the food system reflects putting people first as we tend to get our food from other people), culture as praxis (way of doing things), culture as an information based system Nature and Culture Interacting - Example of sports athletes. Need both culture (don’t want to be the young ones) and nature (skill level) Nature and Culture Shaping Each Other - One function of culture is to help satisfy peoples biological needs - Standard differences in cultural practices arise based on whether the local environment is relatively healthy or more risky What Makes Cultural Animals? - Human best described as cultural and social animals - Elaborate DOL, in which each individual performs a unique function - Share their knowledge with the group to be passed down - Lan
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