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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Influencing Others

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Sociology 2233
Brendan Murphy

Soc2233 Chap 7 Pg 191 228Conformity Influencing Others 192 Conformity When and Why Conformity A change in behaviour because of a real or imagined influence of othersJ Vorauer D Miller 1997 Students were asked to rate how satisfied they were with their intellectual abilities but before their self assessment they were shown how another student rated themselves which in turn influenced the subjects rating of themselves People are consciousunconsciously influenced 193 Informational Social Influence Whats RightInformational Social Influence The social world is frequently ambiguous and illdefined we use others behaviours as a source of information to make our own decisions sometimes conformingSherif 1936 Subject is placed in dark room asked to focus on moving light and estimate differences In reality the light does not actually move but the subjects still come up with a stable distance of movement over time Later other subjects were added and people tended to base their estimate off of the others coming to an agreement Autokinetic Effect When it appears something is moving in the dark because of a lack of visual reference Private Acceptance When someone conforms to others behaviours because they truly believe them to be correct Public Compliance When someone conforms with the group but privately believes something elsePeople use others behaviours to gather information
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