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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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Sociology 2235
Gale Cassidy

Chapter 4y In intimate relationships the family is being redesignedChange and More Changey Personal need and social pressures push us to find an intimate partner y Young people consider this a top priority in their lives y 88 of teens think they will find someone who they will share their life with y There is less emphasis on making the partnership work y Couples today spend more years childless y More people live in families without an ongoing close personal relationship y 20 years ago Tax Guide for Canada had no definition for spouse o End of 1990s spouse was defined by legal marriage and who is not separated and if separated is dependent on your finances common law relationship spouse is defined after they have lived together for 5 years or if there is a child lived together for 2 years and a person who you are legally married to but are separated More Diverse and More Complex Too y Traditional marriage declining o 2001 only 70 of families had a married couple o if you include remarried cohabiting or de facto partner relationships number of people in intimate relationship is much higher y more Canadians live alone or with others in what they call nonfamily households o People living in these households may keep close contact with someone outside the household and have a commuter marriageRelationship Trends and Patternsy Since 1970s there is a decline rate of marriage y Marriage rate was 47 for every 1000 in 2002 Age at Marriage y People marry later now y 60s age of marriage was very low 22 years for women and 25 for men y In 2001 age of marriage was 28 for women and 30 for men y Reasons for later marriage are related to social and economic opportunities and expectations o there is young certain job prospects for young people y young people in 1990s have lower cumulative earnings y people are pursuing education travel and work more now today Types of Marriage y marriage socially approved sexual and economic union between two or more people that is expected to last a long time y societies vary in patterns of marriage family and kinship y polygamy people marrying more than 1 person at a time o polyandry marriage of one women to more than one man o polygyny marriage of one men and more than one women y POLYGAMY IS BANNED IN ALL INDUSTRAILIZED SOCIEITIES
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