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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Western University
Sociology 2235
Gale Cassidy

Chapter 5 Relationship Health and Sociological Findings y Examined link between relations and well being by o Examining suicide rate o Asking people to report feelings of happiness with life o Looking for signs of poor mental and physical healthy Durkheim found that socially attached people are less likely to kill themselveso Anomie a lack of control or a lack of norms people who are isolated suffer from this y Close relationships provide attachment care and supporty Unattached people are more likely to commit suicide freedom carries risks as well as benefits y most people who are unhappy dont commit suicide so hard to study suicide rates Close Relations Good Health y Close relations are good for people y Closer the relationships the better marriage is better than dating y Cohabiting people are less stable and satisfied than married people y Quality of the relationship determines how healthy and happy people are y Best way to examine quality of relationship is to look at health of people y Symptoms of stress from relationships occur within illnesses y Cancer patients adjust differently to the illness o Those in bad relationships are more depressed and anxietyy Marital stressors are related to various health problemsy A bad relationship is worse especially for women than singlehood or divorce y Relationship quality affects the mental health of wives more y In stressful situations men act out and women are more likely to get depressed y Happiness and satisfaction change over timeo Better sex and happier when closer to fulfilling their idealso Good relationships is important for pregnant women y Correlations between relationship closeness and happiness is because good relationships provide practical and emotional support One Piece of Researchy Research by Laumann et al o 4 kinds of relationshipsSingle dating cohabitating and marriage Compared these relationships in terms of health o Women in first marriage are healthiero After women in first marriage women who have never been married and are currently cohabiting are next healthiest
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