Sociology 1020 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Symbolic Interactionism, Private Sphere, Gender Inequality

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30 Jan 2013

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Gender Relations
- Biological and Social Determinism:
- Women predicted to live to 81.4 years
- Men predicted to live to 75.9 years
- Is this biology? If consider factors of smoking, unprotected sex, alcohol
consumption then no
- Social variables affect gender gap
- Normal range of age at death for women/men is much greater than gap
separating the two genders
- Within Variation-> Comparing males to males, females to females
- Between Variation-> Comparing males to females
- Remembering Research Methods When Studying Gender Differences:
- After hearing scout master abusing scouts some people will claim that
homosexuals are pedophiles
- 90% of pedophiles are heterosexual
- Pedophilia is a constant not a variable
- Sexual orientation is the cause (independent variable) and pedophilia is the
dependent variable
- Numeracy and Literacy Differences:
- Female students overrepresented in humanities/social sciences
- Males dominate mathematics, technology and sciences
- Women with superior math abilities earn equal or higher wages compared to
- Duffy, Warren, Walsh found that female mathematics teachers interact with
male students more than female
- Women/men have differences in brain structure
- Sex and Gender- Some Definitions:
- Sex/Gender are not same
- Sex is a biological trait (estrogen for female, tester one for male)
- Gender is socially constructed-> Based on norms/expectations of gender
appropriate behavior
- Gender can be seen as achieved status
- Gender Identity-> Perception of yourself as male/female
- Gendered order-> Macro level concept and refers to social structure
- Gendered Division of Labor-> Females/males tend to act gender
- Structural Functionalism:
- Social practices continue because they benefit in society/ maintain social
- Public Realm-> Tasks needed for survival. In competitive work place need to
be strong/smart
- Private realm-> Home, being responsible for emotional support. Private
sphere less valued than public realm
- Assume that a family needs both mother/father
- Heterosexual unions are the only type of union
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