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Chapter 4

Sociology 1020 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Orgasm, Masturbation

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SOC 1020
Kim Luton

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Chapter 4: The study design for a survey of American Sexual Behaviour
3 October 2011
- a study began in 1988 to talk about sex
- for many sex is considered to be extremely private matter or to be discussed with
close friends or intimates only
- everyone has different sexual lives and experiences (S & M/Role-play)
- normal sex is off limits because it is too ordinary, trivial, and self-evident to deserve
attention to the study
- most of the problems in the survey involved in participation from people
(confidentiality, ect.)
Sample Design:
- probability sampling: sampling where every member of a clearly specified population
has a known probability of selection
- it is highly developed practical application of statistical theory to the problem of
selecting a sample
Sample Size:
- the bigger, the higher the precision of it estimates
- there may be errors too in the sampling
- door to door/ give a letter in advance about the survey
- explain why it is being done ("to help doctors, teaching, ect. to better understand and
prevent the spread of diseases like AIDS and better understand to nature and extent of
harmful and of healthy sexual behaviour in our country")
- interviewer needs to be fully persuaded about the legitimate and importance of the
Mode of Administration:
Face to Face, Telephone, or Self-Administered:
- it was most likely to yield a substantially higher response rate for a more inclusive
cross section of the population at larger
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