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Sociology 1021E Chapter Notes -Formal System

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SOC 1021E
Nigel Joseph

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Sociology text book notes
Chapter One: The Sociological Perspective :
seeing the genera in particular- identify certain patterns in people, sociologist recognize
people are unique but society plays a role
seeing the strange in familiar- imagine a woman walking up to a young man " you fit all
the right social categories which would make you a wonderful husband" .holding hands
in familiar, society determines the way we hold hands is strange. when asked why you
attended a particular uni or college you might say to stay close to home/ensure a good
job/attend with friends, sociologists say that going to college or university is a part of life
for this age group
seeing society in our everyday lives- women bearing children differs from country to
country our society has play in decisions women and men make about child bearing.
seeing sociologically: marginality and crisis- living on the margins of society and living
through a social crisis, everyone feels like an outsider every now and again for some
people being an outsider is the "norm". example : black youth growing up in the finch
and dufferin area of Toronto understand race shaping people's lives
importance of global perspective-study of the larger world and our society's place in it,
global awareness, there are two halves high-income countries and middle income
* please see graph thing on page 9
*why we compare North America with other regions
1. where we live shapes the lives we lead, people in different countries have different
sized families, determined culturally and socially
2. societies throughout the world are increasingly interconnected- we used to pay little
attention to countries beyond our borders recent decades that's changed. people share
in technology, food, clothing and music
3.many of the social problems we face in Canada are for worse elsewhere-
homelessness and poverty in Canada is way worse in poverty stricken areas ( Latin
4.Thinking globally helps us learn more about ourselves -comparing our lives to others
from other countries
sociology and public policy ( influence government decisions and policies)
sociology and personal growth
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