Sociology 2172A/B Chapter 10: Socially Responsible Advertising

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Socially Responsible Advertising: Does a Brand Have a Conscience?
Corporate Images and Values
Socially responsible advertising is also known as ‘corporate image advertising’
o Presents messages and images about a company that tended not to be
product specific but instead gives a broader picture of the company and its
role in society
o “Builds a mental picture of a company”
Social marketing and social responsible advertising are very different
Social marketing focuses on the process of using marketing techniques to
persuade consumers to adopt the behaviours advocated by a social cause
o An advertising campaign that uses social marketing might include a
television advertisement to encourage people to recycle and a glass
manufacturer might sponsor the ad
While social responsible advertising is on aspect of cause marketing
o A socially responsible advertising campaign might feature a television
commercial promotion a product by using a message that the product was
built with 100% recycled parts tells us “we care about the environment”
Many companies have socially responsible advertising messages
Socially Responsible Advertising
Advertisers can demonstrate that they are socially responsible using three
different types of advertising messages
o Social issues linked with products
o Social issues linked with corporations
o Corporate donations to social issues
Social Issues Linked with Specific Products
The advertiser uses the product or service to draw consumers into the ad and then
the socially responsible message becomes associated with the product
Common example companies that link no animal testing policy with their
products to appeal to customers against this practice
Social Issues Linked with Corporations
Linking the message with the actual company
Corporate Donations to Specific Issues
Most commonly occurring
o Because most companies already have some type of donation policy in
Advertisers donate a percentage of their profits to a specific cause
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