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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Creating Consumers Businesses: Profiting From Teenagers - Teenagers often seek to maintain or enhance their status by acquisition of fashionable status symbols - Children as a primary market spending their own money as a significant influence on their parents’ spending; and as a future market when they become adults - Children being manipulated - Teenagers are a lucrative current market - Level of spending by 12 – 17 year olds is unprecedented - Youth market became apparent after WW2, accelerated by strong economic expansion during 1990. - Teenagers also influence adult spending o Companies spend time and money on services provided for children even thought they are not the primary targets - Long-term impacts of habits and taste developed in adolescence and they are concerned to shape taste and brand loyalty during this seminal period Taking Aim at Teenagers - Children and adolescent spend more time watching tv and videos than any other activity besides sleeping - Advertisers pay a premium to reach young viewers - Teenagers are willing to experiment with new products and so companies see them as customers whose loyalty is up for grabs - Some post modern theorist see advertising not as manipulating, but as a central and legitimate part of contemporary popular culture. - Marketing to teenagers is not simply a way to temporarily influence their purchasing preferences. - It is a means of shaping how they define themselves and what constitutes an
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