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Gale Cassidy

Kids as Future Purchasers - Future markets of kids is the toughest one to understand from an economic point of view because it is not quantifiable - Less expensive to keep customers than to attract new customers - Psychologist Gail Golden: Children are more suggestible than adults - Kids are future customers and their childhood memories will influence them as buying adults - Still don’t know if brand loyalty is affected by childhood brands, arguably true - Maximizing his or her lifetime value to the company The Branding Age - Kids between 2 – 5 don’t know the differences between advertisement and the program - Difficult to determine where kids learn most about brands - Kids have a brand repertoire of 100 brands by the time they enter first grade. - Brand repertoires developed by trying different products and brands o Function of choice more than it is influence from a mass medium o Indicative of the consumer culture we live in - Kids believe the brands they use are better due to the egocentric nature of kids Jean Piaget - Cognitive development in children - Kids progre
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