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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Sex and Money - Sexual imagery and promises of sexual fulfillment have been integrated into ads to attract attention, to build carefully crafted brand identities and to sell products - Advertising often blamed for societal ills such as anorexia and breast implants to the perpetuation of economics and social inequality - Sexual information, ultimate goal is to nudge consumers closer to buying the brand - The combination of Sex and advertising is powerful o Sex: a potent instinctual drive  A drive that ranks high among essential survivalist drives and motivations  Every species on Earth does two things well – eat and fuck - Psychologist David Buss o Refers sex as a drive to procreate that is represented by millions of year of psychobiological evolution o Sex is fundamental to human existence o A fundamental need, as are intimacy and the desire to be attractive and valued by others - Companies link their products with sexual information because our biology we can’t help but be drawn to it - Advertisers position their brands as sexual conduits, as magnets, that help us better desire and be desired. - Rare are those of us who are completely sexually or materially satisfied - Creating impressions and positioning brands o Not easy due to competitiveness o Use readily identifiable symbols story lines and cultural signifiers that evoke a common meaning for many people. - Sex is used like a stereotype - Used to get ad notice and tell a story Success with Sex in Advertising - 150 years brands have sold product with heavy dependence on sexual appeal - 1850: photographs of buxom women to attract attention - 1880: cigarette company use ssexual images of women to sell
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