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Advertising in Canada Advertising: Refers to a system of communication through which goods and services are brought to the attention of the general public - Two phases (Raymond Williams) o Insinuated it self into every medium of communication (Intended for mass persuasion) o Operates in a capitalist economy (media serve advertiser before public, most media outlet needs to be sponsored)  Reach highest number of potential consumers at the lowest cost possible - Advertisers do not need the mass media o Can publicize through other methods o Puts pressure on mass media to increase their value to advertisers - Every media outlet tries to produce an audience sought by advertisers Historical background - Advertising not invented by one person - Modern advertising is integrated with the mass media o Started with the first newspaper published in Canada 1880 – 1920 - Industrial revolution - Increase productivity of Canadian industry (producing and shipping, not selling) - Bridged the gap between manufacturers and the public by opening a channel of communication between them - Printing trade industrialized (lithography allow designs or trademarks reproduction) - Media buying: Media outlets identified and assessed, rate negotiated, and contracts signed wherever a company does business. (Advertising agency) - Newspapers most important medium until 1950 - 1900: second function, creative service, effective ads featured memorable copy and imagery. o 1910: third function: Market research, Customers grew more remote, demand in national market need to be identified  Help media byers to select most appropriate outlets to reach their target market 1920 – 1960 - Broadcasting – radio 1922, TV – 1952 - Military broadcasting -> Commercial broadcasting - Prevent Canadians to switch to American stations - Two ways to handle time “Broadcasting, they pay for time” o Sponsorships associates an advertiser’s name with an entire program (cultivate public mind) o Spots or commercials use a brief segment of on air time for sales talks (the predominant form of radio advertising now, sponsorship was common until the 1950s 1960 – Present - Media buying and creative services – country’s multicultural heritage, started
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