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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Kids Influencing Family Purchases - Impact of kids influencing more purchases by getting their parents to buy other things for them and the family - Kids influence purchases in different ways The Nag – Giving In Means Big Business - “The Nag Factor”: o between 20 and 40 % of the sales of toys, fast food and apparel are the result of kids’ successful appeals to their parents o “Pester power” Del Vecchio o Parents busy with juggling jobs and other responsibilities respond to their kids’ wishes because they want to please and indulge them o Nagging matters because some parents would not have bought the kid the item if they have no asked for it.  Hence nagging translates as a potential incremental lift in sales - Two types of Nagging o Persistent nagging: The most annoying kind, where the request is repeated with increasing volume and intensity over time  Not as effective as importance nagging o Importance nagging: requires some level of sophistication in manipulation, appeals to the parent’s desire to provide the best for their kids, an aspiration often associated with boomer parents  Importance nagging works better but persistence can still make a difference o If you can make kids want it, you can get their parents to buy it Pushovers or Meanies - 67% of the parents give in to their kids’ desires and demands - Four attitudinal types of parents o Indulgers: The pushover parents, s[end impulsively and enjoy possessions they acquire, mostly ethnically diverse and tend to be dual income o Bare necessities: oldest and most affluent on the segments and have total control of the spen
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