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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Advertising and Gender Advertising Women: Images, audiences, and Advertisers - 1950s, images of happy housewife and her dissatisfaction with a life unfulfilled Portrayals of Women in Advertising - Advertising creates problems because it corrupts relationships and then offers us products, both as solace and as substitutes for the intimate human connection we all long for and need o Advertising encourage substitutes for emotion suppression - Kilbourne: blamed advertising for the state of women in society - Twitchell: women can reject advertising message - Wolf: women are not dped by giant corps into buying things they don’t want Women as Audiences - Large corps value women because they were potential customers - Necessary for their economic lifeblood - 75 – 95 of all the customer purchases Women as Advertisers: The Profession - 1960 women are educated as they have never been before The More You Subtract, the More you Add - Girls have closed the gap with boys in math and in science - Smoking, drinking and using drugs - Not as violent - Urge girls to adopt a false self, to bury alive their real selves, to become feminine, compete with other girls to get attention from boys - Girls put into a terrible double bind o Repress their power o Anger o Simply nice o Overtly sexy and attractive but essentially passive and virginal - Girls are extremely desirable to advertisers because they are new consumers, beginning to have disposable income, brand loyalty last a life time - Good self image = key to success - 70 say that they feel worse after looking at women’s mag - Self-Objectification: the tendency to view ones body from the outside in - Boys shamed for being too small, too weak, too soft, too sensitive - Girls are shamed for being too sexual, too loud, too boisterous, too big, too hearty an appetite - Normal physiological change for girls = increase in body fat o If those changes are considered undesirable by the culture this can lead to chronic anxiety and concern about weight control in young women - 40 – 80% of fourth grade girls are dieting - Advertising promote abusive and abnormal attitudes about eating, drinking, and thinness - Magazines and the ads create and intensify anxiety about weight because its so profitable - University of Michigan- girls were encouraged to be quiet, small, and physically constrained o Girls grow into women afraid to speak up for themselves or protect themselves - Girls are often shown as playful clowns, perpetuating the attitude that girls and women are childish and cannot be taken seriously, where as young men are generally portrayed as secure, powerful, and serious - Licensed withdrawal: Seeming to be psychologically removed, disoriented, defenseless, spaced out - Emphasis in ads always on their sexuality, which is exploited to sell them makeup and clothes and shoes - Girl power is nothing but a marketing slogan - T
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