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Sociology movie notes soc 2172 2013

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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

An alien from another planet would describe our culture as dominated by belief in magic R Williams said advertising is a magic system where material things have an immense power of transformation Where goods have incredible power and promise a lot in advertising An anthropologist would point to the similarities between the consumer, culture and older societies An economist would see the difference between the consumer culture and what came before Industrial capitalism is very different than agriculture feudalism, the number of objects produce A capitalist society is defined as an ability to produce an immense accumulation of commodities Capitalism has revolutionized our society Production, distribution and consumption (cycle of consumerism) how to convert the goods into money then back into production Cycle of consumption created the advertising industry: recruit the best creative people in society Dead world of things come alive Never been a propaganda effort to match the advertisement effort Advertising has colonized our culture In the 1980’s the average person was exposed to 1500 commercial impressions a day Today we see 3600 commercials a day, our lives have becoming very commercialized 100 percent of revenue for television and radio is from advertising 50 percent of revenue for magazines is from advertising 80 percent of revenue for (newspapers) comes from advertisement James bond has a lot of product placement and for the first time drives a BMW Professional sports are no longer independent Baseball: Space behind home plate covered in ads The internet is integrated in the advertising system A diamond is forever, is universal in the west Ad slogan from 1947 by madison avenue Defines the way we think about rituals Debeers is trying to promote diamonds for many occasions not just engagement (Attempting to make this a cultural universal) Advertisers worry about ad clutter and noise Network ads can cost millions of dollars Timex ad production cost over 1 million Ads would cost more then films (time wise) 120 mins of ads Two results of this (why they spent more money on ads then films) Advertising is everywhere A lot of money is spent on ads and creativity For too long we have been asking the wrong question Does an ad campaign make people buy certain products Right question What impact does advertising have on a culture NOT MARKETINGN ROLE culture is where morality is defined Our culture is dominated by adverting, main story teller What are the consistent stories told by the whole range of advertising about how to behave Which values does advertising express Treat advertising as a cultural system, how we understand the world To not be influenced by understanding would be to live outside of culture No human lives outside the culture we are all affected What does advertising say about how you can be happy? What is society? What is the future like? How do we become happy What we should strive for Advertisement tells us to be happy we need to consume products Products sold by advertising happiness Happiness comes from the market, economic growth leads to happiness because we will have access to more things The major motivating force for social change Political freedom is associated with consumption because we have an abundance of choices Happiness and freedom with consumption Is it true? Does happiness come from material things? The answer is no “The happiness surveys in 1945 how people thought about their subjective happiness, eve though our standard living has increased the happiness scale has stayed the same Other surveys ”quality of life surveys” Most people reply with Non material answers Elements of a good life Quality of life - Autonomy and control - Good self esteem - Warm family relationships - Relaxing leisure time -Romance and love - Close and meaningful friendships Social elements of life Social values love, family and friendship Material values: Economic security and success Social values outrank material values in terms of what people say they want Material things stop delivering past a certain poin
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