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Sociology 2206A/B
William Marshall

Ch.11: Qualitative Interviewing Research Questions Appropriate for Qualitative Interviewing  Qualitative interviewing is separate from field research; field researchers use qualitative interviewing often in addition to other data collecting techniques  Other names for qualitative interviews: unstructured; semi-structured; in- depth; ethnographic; open-ended; informal; and long  Involves a mutual sharing of experiences  Researcher retains members narrative stories in their natural form, does not convert them into standardized format  Focus: study members’ perspective and experiences  Can occur in a series overtime  Researcher must establish intimacy before probing inner feelings Similarities & Differences between Qualitative Interviews & Friendly Conversations  Has a greeting; absence of explicit goal or purpose; avoidance of repetition; question asking; expressions of interest; expressions of ignorance; turn taking (so that the encounter is balanced); use of abbreviations; pauses, brief silences are acceptable  Qualitative interviews have an explicit purpose that diverges from friendly conversations Procedures of Qualitative Interviews  Qualitative researchers rarely have a hypothesis that they are testing; they have an inductive appro
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