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Chapter 4

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Sociology 2206A/B
Stacey Hallman

 The main reason why survey researchers use structured interviews is that they promote standardization in both the asking of questions and the recording answers  Aim to keep error portion to minimum, since error reduces the validity of the measure  Standardization in the structured interview means that two sources of variation due to error is less likely pronounced  Variation error can come from intra-interviewer variability where an interviewer is not consistent in asking questions and recording answers  Inter-interviewer variability which occurs when there is more than one interviewer ACCURACY AND EASE OF DATA PROCESSING  Closed question advantage that the potential for interviewer variability is reduced there is no problem with interviewer not being able to write everything down  Intra-coder variability: a coder varies over time in applying rules for assigning answers to categories  Inter-coder variability: different coders categorize same answers in different ways DEALING WITH INTERVIEWER EFFECTS  Example with male to male or make to female answers differences  Sex and race are the key reactive issues that may have an impact although their effects are generally confined to sexual and racial issues  Studies in which more than one person is being interviewed tend to be conduced by quantitative researchers, though that is not always the case  People are more likely to show less interest and I don’t know answers during phone interviews COMPUTER-ASSISTE
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