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Chapter 5

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Western University
Sociology 2206A/B
Stacey Hallman

CODING  Post-coding can be unreliable procedure because there may be inconsistencies in the judgments because there may be inconsistencies in judgment of different coders\ coding frame: process during pre-coding (closed question surveys) three principles to follow when coding:  categories must not overlap  list of categories must be exhaustive, covering all personalities  should be clear rules about how codes are applied with example of the kinds of answers that are subsumed under a particular category coding frame also describes the lists of categories that should be applied to understructure data and the rules for their applications coding is used in quantitative surveys CLOSED QUESTIONS  Advantages of closed questions o Answers easy to process o Enhance the comparability of answers o Some respondents may not be clear about what the question is getting at: available answers may give clarification o Answers can be answered easily o Reduce risk of bias  Disadvantages of closed questions TYPES OF QUESTIONS  Personal, factual questions  Factual questions about others  Factual questions ab
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