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Qualitative Data analysis

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Sociology 2206A/B
Georgios Fthenos

Qualitative data analysis Lecture 7.2 March 11, 2014  Qualitative data is an iterative process o Analysis starts after some data has been collected o Further data is gathered on the basis of that analysis  Analytic induction o Ageneral research question is devised o Some data are gathered o An hypothesis is proposed o If a case is inconsistent with the hypothesis, the hypothesis is redefined to exclude the case or the hypothesis is dropped or fundamentally revised o The researcher continues to gather data until no contradictory cases are found  Difficulties with analytic induction: o Because al cases must be explained, the hypothesis generated may be too broad to be useful o There are usually no guidelines on how many cases must be reviewed before the validity of the hypothesis is accepted  Also an inductive, iterative process o Systematically gather data o Analysis throughout the research process  Processes: o Coding o Constant comparison (of data and concept) o Theoretical saturation; when nothing new is being learned Steps and consideration in coding  Code and transcribe as soon as possible  Read through the data before considering any interpretation  Read through data again o Note keywords, themes  Do not be concerned with producing too many codes Outcomes of grounded theory:  S
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