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Sociology 2253A/B
Jennifer Silcox

Chapter 1: Studying Criminal Justice Criminology and criminal justice: - criminology interested in how and why crime happens why someone commits the acts motives, etc (studying biology psychology and sociology of person) - criminal justice interested with what to do with criminal activity once it has occurred interested in how to rehabilitate an offender in jail and how to bring them back into the community after being released - main role to prevent and control crime so they can maintain and promote justice - both rely on work and expertise of each other ideology: a system of beliefs or assumptions about the correct or proper order of things particularly with respect to morality and political arrangements; a value system that shapes a person’s position on specific issues Criminal Justice: Areas of study and key players - field of criminology can be broadened by studying various institutions involved that fall within one of the three general areas of criminal work: - POLICING - various police services in Canada e.g municipal, provincial, and federal levels of policing, community based strategies such as first nations police service, surveillance and investigation teams, and forensics - courts - centers on the criminal law and its procedures - involves lawyers, judges and their research teams, bailiffs etc - corrections - largest areas of research and focuses on procedures and institutions of imprisonment in terms of assessment treatment, rehab, and reintegration of offenders. - corrections officers, security personnel, and prison admin workers - post incarceration workers include parole officers, drug abuse councilors, and mental health workers - neighborhood outreach groups ← ← ← How Do We Come to Know What We Know About Crime and Criminal Justice? - crime constitutes significant portion of news portrayed in the media where it is usually exaggerated - police are usually seen as the “fighters of war” on crime - shows viewer than crime must be fought rather than prevented ← ← ← Thinking Critically About the Issues - “the business of criminal justice is forcing people to do what they don’t want to do, on the basis of threat of pain, physical harm, or those counties which still have capital punishment”
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