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Chapter 3

Chapter 3- Strategies and Operations

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Sociology 2253A/B
Jennifer Silcox

POLICING STRATEGIES Reactive policing: policing strategy whereby police officers respond to calls for service either while an offence is in progress or after it has been committed  When not in call they patrol their areas with the intention of discouraging crime from occurring Proactive policing: a policing strategy whereby police officers identify and respond to emerging problems, with the goal of preventing crime from occurring  Commonly employed in Canada today are problem oriented policing community policing, and intelligence-led policing PROBLEM ORIENTATED POLICING  A proactive policing strategy whereby police focus on the problems that form the basis of crime  Problem typically encompasses a collection of incidents that have certain elements in common such as the type of offence, location, time, etc. i. Police analyze situation and defining problem ii. Next police generate all possible responses and consider each one so as not to exclude any that are potentially useful COMMUNITY POLICING - a proactive policing strategy whereby policing work in partnership with the community to identify and analyze policing problems, determine policing priorities, and implement responses - enforcement is balanced between problem solving and preventative measures CAPRA: A COMMUNITY POLICING
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