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Sociology 2260A/B
Leigh Mac Donald

Class #2 The History of Advertising - Advertising for a product was non-existent before the industrial revolution. - Most of our advertising is lacking information, meant to catch your attention. Preliterate Period: 3000-400BC - Advertising locations where something was going on or services that were being offered. - 1200 BC: Painted or carved messages on stones for events. - 6 Century BC: Town Criers (Dressed in a certain way to get your attention and announced whatever it is they are paid to announce. - Oral Advertising was the first state sanctioned form of advertising, and the most common form of advertising. Town Criers Advantages Disadvantages Able to reach a lot of people, very portable, People would become town criers then move very persuasive on, very costly to pay them for a day’s work, sometimes unreliable, sometimes was in a very bad mood and ineffective. Classical Period: 400 BC – 1400 AD - Still have Oral Media, even though there is a slight move towards literacy. - Wasn’t a requirement to read, if you were taking schooling it was through churches. - Thought of as an upper class deal to read and write. - INTRODUCTION of Street Advertising; o Posting advertisements on public walls o Very basic language talking about important events or services. - INTRODUCTION of personal ‘classified’ advertising o If your wife or slave ran away this was a way to reach out to look to find him/her. - INTRODUCTION of Trademarks Late Middle Ages: 1400-1600 - The discovery of North America was tied to advertising before they even arrived here. - Limited text on a brochure first published in the 1600’s (17 Century). - Consisted mainly of pictures convincing people to go to North America. - They promised gold, silver, waters filled with fish, etc. - People came to America under a somewhat false advertising campaign. - INTRODUCTION of the Printing Press o Gutenberg, 1450 o Made it possible to reproduce printed material, much faster. o Some argue the Printing Press was the key to civilization. o You could record information and build on that information. o Literacy is increasing so more use for printed material. - Town Criers became less important, but still existed. - Posters began being created, books were heavily advertised. 1600’s British Empire Spreads - Transport goods available worldwide. o Ex. Coffee started to be distributed worldwide, very rapidly. o Some people had no idea coffee existed. - INTRODUCTION to Newspapers in England (late 1600’s) o Ads were informative and descriptive, not persuasive yet. o Still no products advertised yet. - The Great Fire of London promoted Newspapers for lost/found ordeals. 1800’s Newspapers - Printing becomes very industrialized, steam-powered cylinder presses. - This created mass production of newspapers. - Halifax Gazette in 1752 – 1 ST CANADIAN NEWSPAPER AD - This advancement improved printing. - MID 1800’s – Age of Newspaper - In a very short period of time, newspapers took off (cheap, widely available, illustrations, color) - This was also the introduction of persuasion. Late 1800’s – Industrial Revolution - Began in Europe in early 1800’s, doesn’t come to North America until mid-1800. - Before the revolution, if you wanted a product you dealt directly with the shop. - Shopping wasn’t a leisure, it was a necessity to get items you needed. (No need for advertising) - INTRODUCTION of Cottage Industry o Multi-step process of production in order to sell a product. o One stage of production occurred at different times and places. - This is what brought forth the idea of Factories, bring equipment and workers to one place. (Industrial Revolution) - MANUFACTURING  BRANDING  ADVERTISING - Multiple manufacturers began making similar products, need for advertising comes in. - Brands o Names, logos, packaging, designs. o A history, a reputation, a meaning to customers (‘personality’) o Companies didn’t advertise a product but promoted a bran or lifestyle attached to it. Mid 1800’s – Travelling Salesman - Filled a critical niche in American Marketing. - 35,000 people were travelling across the country trying to promote a compan
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