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Chapter 6

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Western University
Sociology 2266A/B
Hyu Yong

Establishing Connections: Gender, Motor Behicle Theft and Disposal Networks - Introduction: - Motor vehicle theft is male dominated but women doengage - Examine gendered nature of motor vehicle theft, through a direct comparison of qualitative data obtained from 35 adult women/men involved in car theft - Conceptual Context: - Property crime accounted for 11% of all crime, with 1.1 million vehicles being reported stolen in 2007 - Ratio of male to female arestees was 4.6 to 1 - Auto theft is a social crime-> Initiation comes through neighborhood interaction with peers, usually more experienced males - Initially you are a novice which positions you as ‘look out’ and passaenger - The skill set needed to steal the car was held by the ‘apprenticeship’ - Initiation into Auto Theft: - Almost all men/women interviewed were exposed to auto-theft through the context of joy riding - Almost all interviewed discussed a period of learning how to steal a car, specifically breaking down the steering wheel column/tampering with the ignition - It takes awhile for someone to be able to steal the car, must be responsible for most of the ‘theft work’ - All men were initiated by peers or same sex members of their family, direct auto theft participation by women occurred in the co
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