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Chapter 16

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Sociology 2266A/B
Hyu Yong

The Second Step in Double Jeopardy- Appropriating the Labor of Female Street Hustlers - Introduction: - Life stories obtained from 14 female street hustlers between ages of 18-35 - They were members of a street institution known as a ‘pseudo family’ - Pseudo family-> Pimp is at the top of hierarchy and he has women who work for him (sex workers) - Article tries to show that the patriarchal structure that women face in the illicit world parallels that which exists in the legal world - It is women in general (particularly women of color) who face this ‘double jeopardy’ situation - Background: - Inaccessibility of prosperous legal work/failure of our welfare system to help provide living adequate standards leads to a certain amount of women to lead criminal life styles - It is argued that the women of this took to street life to obtain status/economic stability that is hard to unachieved for the children of poor - Work History: - Most had worked straight jobs that were of low status/pay and typical part time female dominated jobs-> Cleric, fast food work, house keeper, line worker in manufacturing company - Most of these women were tired of straight society or were intolerant of working supervised 9-5 jobs leading them to a criminal life style - Street Life: - First prereq to street life is every ‘woman’ must have a pimp to keep her safe on the street in return for all her monetary value that comes from selling her body - The pimp provides her with material necessities, gifts, sex, attention and love - Street life is structured so that the pimp gets all the womans earned money from prostitution, while she has to give him complete respect (obedience) - Pimps maintain a social network among themselves because it is hard to monitor all your women when there are so many working. When pimps work together it is easier to supervise the women - This is parallel to the licit world-> Wage structure in t
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