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Chapter 18

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Sociology 2266A/B
Hyu Yong

Gang Related Gun Violence: Socialization, Identity and Self- Paul. B Stretesky and Mark R. Pogre Bin - Introduction: - Purpose of study is to examine how violent norms are transmitted in street gangs/ examine socialization as a mechanism between gang membership/violence - Consists of 22 in depth interviews from Colorado inmates with gun related violence charges (median age was 25) - Researchers found that gangs serve as an important socialization agent that help shape a gang members sense of self and own identity - Gangs were also important tools of impression management that helped to protect a tough reputation - Gangs and Violence: - First perspective argues that gang members are individuals who are violent/bad before joining a gang- - Social facilitation perspective-> Aruges that gang members are no different from non gang members until they enter a gang, gang is the source of deviant behavior because new gang members are socialized with gang norms - Enhancement perspective-> New gang members are recruited from a pool of individuals who show a propensity to crime, then the gang provides a structure for this criminal behavior to flourish - Gang Socialization: - Gangs have become to take the form of social insitutions, playing crucial roles such that families/schools do - Most important instrumental reason to join is for physical protection, some gangs take the form of primary group - Gang violence is a method of expressing masculinity, when other alternative methods have been exhausted - Once theyre in the gang, members see the gang as there primary group central to their lives and heavily influences there identity/personality - Because it has become the primary group, approval of gang members is crucial leading to gang crime and violence (gains approval) - Gang members have to make ffort to show a continued commitment to gang expectations and initation rights to new gang members attest to an indivivduals desire to join/commitment - Gangs provide a group for expected role behavior a
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