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Chapter 9

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Western University
Sociology 2266A/B
Hyu Yong

Gender Violence- Masculinity and Power in Men’s Accounts of Domestic Violence - Introduction: - In the 1970s, feminist activists brought wife abuse to the publics thoughts - Findings: - Men in this study constructed violence as a rational response to extreme provocation, loss of control or minor incident that was blown out of proportion - The men talked about women’s violence in a different form than mens violence reflecting a hegemonic attitude of masculinity - Gendered practice: - Women experience higher rates of victimization at the hands of men (African/Latin women higher than European American Women) - Most partners did not perceive themselves at risk from there wives violence - Young men learn to view themselves as violent through rough play/contact sports - Men are further advantaged by cultural norms that a woman should be with a man that is stronger than her - Gendered Depictions and Interpretations: - Depicted violence as rational/effective/explosive where as womens violence was hysterical/ineffectual - Some respondents depicted there partners violence as irrational, in order to justify there own violence while making them see more rational/cool - Respondents were fearlessness to there partners violence, but stressed that there own violence should bring about fear-> Reinforced masculinity/dominance - Gendering Blame: - Also gendered violence by suggesting that their female pa
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