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Chapter 10

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Sociology 2266A/B
Hyu Yong

Serendipity in Robbery Target Selection - Introduction: - Interviewed 57 free robbery offenders-> Specialization in carjacking/drug robbery - Serendipity-> The art of finding something valuable while engrossed in something different - Article examines the role of serendipity in the robbery target selection process - Criminologists have long argued that the selection of predatory robbery targets is guided by rational choice - This down plays forces such as time pressure, uncertainty emotion and the spontaneousness of robbery - Target Selection: - Target selection implies that something is being selected and someone is doing the selecting - Offenders target strategies vary in sophistication/calculation and degree of planning - Street robbery is usually characterized as spontaneous - Alert opportunism-> Describes offenders who face needs that are present but not dire - Motivated opportunism-> Characterized by needs that are acute - Serendipity: - In street culture, serendipity is finding something valuable when looking for something unrelated - How offenders
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