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Chapter 21

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Sociology 2266A/B
Paul- Philippe Pare

The Drugs-Crime Connection among Stable Addicts - Introduction: - Examines the lifestyle/career patterns of heroin addicts and the issue of the relationship between drugs and crime - He also examines whether these drug addicted criminals are rational criminals - Participants said that there level of heroin consumption depended on their ability to afford it usually funded through criminal activities - Relationship between drugs/crime is much more broad than just causality-> Increased criminal income gives money for drugs and different routines - Crime provides a structure to ones drug abilities in that dealing drugs becomes like real employment - Prostitutes run the risk of have sex with a freak or getting a disease, they reported that heroin allowed them to do there job (didn’t feel anything) - Drug use/criminal behavior are to interrelated elements of a broader street subculture that cant be explained through causality - Drugs and crime mutually reinforce eachother, while defining an important role of ones position in society (crime gives them a sense of excitement) - Criminal Specialization Among Stable Addicts: - Technical Skills: - Technical skills-> Requires knowledge of how to perform the task as well as physical adeptness to pull it off - E.G. Shoplifters sress the importanece o
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