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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Crime, Criminals, and Criminology

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Western University
Sociology 2266A/B
Joshua Barath

S\`W^ŵ ^ W^ ZS _SZV^ Z[ [Y [ W`^ WWSZV^[`W^_ [TW^`SZVSZZSZVXS`W^WZZ _SV_W^bWV` W ZS X[^SbS^ W`[XU^ W_TWX[^W SYWŶŴX^ WZV_cW^WV^[\[a`_ SZV_T^[`W^_ Zb[ bWV ZZa W^[a_U^ W_SZV_W^bWV` W%SZZV VZ[`_`[\S`S&_`[\' _ YZSZV U[Z_`ST W_^ SZaYW^SZVWZZ _`^[ZY]a `^ WV`[_`[\`W %+WZ[TW^` TWYSZ_[[` ZYS``W `W U[Z_`ST W_V^[bWScS%SZZUS_WV`W SZV[TW^`_[`SZV , WV[Z_`ST W`^[ZY]a %``WWZV[X`W ^`^ S [TW^`\_ US S``SU,WV _ ScW^% ŵ--.Ê[TW^`SVS ^WSVU[ ``WV_WbW^S S^ WV^[TTW^ W_0U`ŶŴŴŵ[TW^`cS_ ^W WS_WVX^[ SS XcS[a_W0WUŶŴŴŵSZZ_\WVSX`W^ [XX UW^_SZV[TW^`_[`SZV, WV [ZW TW^`S ^ Z[ [Y _`__`aVUS_W_ ,W`W_W ZS``W \`_`[aZVW^_`SZV]aW_` [Z_ ,W 2+V V`WSZVT^[`W^_ bW_aUc VSZVaZV _U \ ZWV bW_3 2+V V`WSYY^W__ bW \a^_aW[Z_`ST W`^[ZY]a SZV _\S^`ZW^3 2+V V[TW^`_WW`Wc[^ VS_ScS^4[ZW 25_`W^WSZ` ZYcWUSZV[`[\^WbWZ``^SYWV W_ ,W` _ Z`WXa`a^W3 ^ Z[ [Y _`_S _[ [[,S`[`W^S_\WU`__aUS_ 2T [ [Y[a V[TW^`SZVSZZSbW ZW^ `WV`^S `_X^[ `W ^\S^WZ`_`S` SVW`W ^ U^ ZS ` [^W ,W 3 2\_U[ [Y+W^W`WSZV^[`W^_\_U[\S`_[^U[a V[`W^ WZ`S U[ZV ` [Z_SbW USa_WV`W ^TWSb [a^3 2_[U [ [Y+S`^[ WV V`W ^XS SZVX^ WZV_\ S Z`W ^b [ WZUW3[a V`W_U[[ _ SbWV[ZWSTW``W^[T [` bS` ZY`WT^[`W^_`[_`aVSZVTWU[ W Zb[ bWV Z WY ` S`W [a` W`_X[^`W ^WZW^Y3+S`^[ WV V^SU _ SZV`WT^[`W^_'\[[^WU[Z[ U\^[_\WU`_ \ S Z`W ^ bW_3 + `W2[ S^^ WW[cZXS [X[Z^SV SU, [Z^SV SU,_S^W[ VW^_[X6[ ZYW^5Z`W^ZS` [ZS SU,US^YWVX[^SbS^ W`[X[XXWZUW_^W S` ZY`[X^SaVa WZ`SU]a _ ` [Z[XXaZV_`S`_[a V SbWY[ZW`[ __S^W[ VW^_SZVX[^S _[ _a_ ZYU[^\[^S`W [ZWX[^\W^_[ZS W7\WZ_W_% SU,cS_^WUW b ZY`c[`^SZ_SU` [Z[X\S WZ`X[^`W_S W` ZYS``WW7\WZ_W[X 6[ ZYW^_S^W[ VW^_'W7\WZ_W89 : SU,\a^US_WVSZWc_\S\W^X^[ 6[ ZYW^SZVcS_ \S VSXWW`[SY^WW`[Z[`U[ \W`Wc ` _W X;[\WZU[ \W` `[^U[ \SZ W_9 : SU,SZV _U[ WSYaW_^WUW bWV\W^_[ZS Z[Z2U[ \W`WXWW_SZVSVV ` [ZS XWW_S _[\S V`[S U[ \SZ`W ^[cZWVÒ \^ ZYŶŴŴŻÊZWc_U[bW^SYW[XUS_WŶŴŴŵÊSX`W^`S, ZY __WS` Z`W6[a_W[X>[^V_ X ZSZU S W \ ^WTWYSZ`[aZ^SbW ŶŴŴŹÊUS^YW_X[^X^SaVcW^W S V \\W^SZSVS[ WYWÊW `W\^ bS`W_U[[ SU,S``WZVWVcW^WWT^[,W Z`[[XX UW_SZV _`[ WW7S _SZVSUSVW U^WU[^V_>SbS Z bW^_ `ÊS``WZVWV Sc_U[[ aWTWUÊT[aY` _ S ZWc_\S\W^Ta_ ZW__WW^T^[[WWU[^V 5 a_`^S`W_`WV bW^_ `[XTWSb [a^_`aV WVTU^ Z[ [Y _`_U[ \S^WV`[`W\^Wb [a_US_W _`aV +S` _^ Z[ [Y3 2U^ W_S^W_[U S VWX ZWV 2c_[a VcW_`aVU^ W 9:_[U S _U WZ` _`_TW WbW`S` `W \_a_aZVW^_`SZVS S_\WU`_[X[a^_[U S bW_SZV[a^ _[U W`W \_`[ VWZ` XSZVaZVW^_`SZVUSZYW_ Z[a^_[U W` 9: Z[^VW^`[^WVaUWU^ WcWSbW`[aZVW^_`SZV `X ^_` 9:\W[\ WS^WV ^WU` SZV ZV ^WU` SXXWU`WVTU^ W9TW ZYW \ [WV Z`Wa_` UW__`W Sb ZY`[\SX[^`WU[_`[XU^ W_Sb ZY`[\SX[^TW ZYS\S^`[X`WU^ WU[Z`^[ __`W : 2ź S[^S^WS_ Z`WV _U \ ZW[XU^ Z[ [Y 9ŵ:`WVWXZ`[Z[XU^WSZVU^ZS_ÊZ[`S _[U S S^ _S^WU^ ZS SZVZ[`S U^ ZS SU`_S^ Xa 0ZWWV`[_\WU XcS`, ZV_[XSU`_S^WVWX ZWVS_U^ W_ 9Ŷ:`W[^YZ_SZV^[W[X`WScÊ^W S` [Z_ \TW`cWWZ_[U S [^ Y Z_[X Sc_SZV`W^[ W `S` Sc\ S_ Z_[U W` 9ŷ:`W_[USV_`^Ta`[Z[XU^WÊaZVW^_`SZV`WUS^SU`W^ _` U_[XU^ WÊ`W`^WZV
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