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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Strain Theories

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Sociology 2266A/B
Joshua Barath

S\`W^ `^S ZW[^ W_ `c[T^[SV`W[^W` US\W^_\WU` bW_Ya VWVc[^^WYS^V ZYU^ WSZV_[U S_`^aU`a^W ŵU[Z_WZ_a_\W^_\WU` bW S\\^[SUS Z`S Z_`S`bS_`S[^ `[X\[\aS` [Z_S^W__ S^bSaW_^WYS^V ZY^ Y` SZVc^[ZY [^S ` _aZ bW^_S! \[^`SZ`bSaW__S^WVTSWTW^_[X_[U W` Ua_`[_\W^_ _`!Sc^W\^W_WZ`_U[V X US` [Z[X_[U W`SbSaW_ U^ W[UUa^_cWZ_[W` ZYaZa_aSS\\WZ_[^SXXWU`__[WÈS[X`W Z_` `a` [Z_ ŶU[ZX U`\W^_\WU` bW ]aW_` [Z__aUS__a\` [Z_SZVS^YaW_`S`U^ ZSScV[W_Z[`ZWUW__S^ ^W\^W_WZ` [^SbSaW_[XS[^ ` ^WXWU`_ Z`W^W_`_[XY^[a\_`S`S^W Z\[_ ` [Z`[U^WS`WSZVWZX[^UW`[_WSc_ _[U SbSaW_\^[`WU``W[_`\[cW^XaÊ^W\^W_WZ`WV Z`Wa_` UW__`W _`^S Z`W[^Ê\^[\[_ ` [Z`S`\W[\WXWW_`^S ZcWZ`WS^WW&\[_WV`[Ua`a^SY[S_`S` `WS^WaZSTW`[[T`S ZTWUSa_W`WV[Z[`SbWSUUW__`[Ua`a^SS\\^[bWVWSZ_[XSU Wb ZY `[_WY[S_ a^W (W aZU` [Z_[X^ WSZVZ[ W SZ[ WÊSZST_WZUW_[XUWS^_[U W`SZ[^_SZVbSaW_! ZV b VaS_SUS_WZ_W[X_[U S ^WYaS` [Z+ W[\WXWWaZYa VWV Z`WU[ UW_`WSbW`[SW _WZ_W[XZ[^W__ZW__ U[ZV ` [Z Zc U ZV b VaSVW_ ^W_[^_WX Z`W^W_`_S^WZ[[ZYW^Y[bW^ZWVSZV U[Z`^[WVT_[U W` W`W^[YWZW `SZV ZU^WS_WVV b _ [Z[XST[a^cWSWZWV`^SV ` [ZS_[U W`SZ[^_ W^`[Z(W.S\W`cWWZ_\ ^S` [Z_SZV WSZ_ _[U S_`^aU`a^WÊ\S``W^ZWVSZV^WS` bW_`STWS^^SZYWWZ`[X^[W_SZV_`S`a_W_X[aZVc ` Z _[U W` W_SZV_[U S Z_` `a` [Z_+0VWS[X_[U S_`^aU`a^W\[ Z`_[a``WcS Zc U_[U W` W_SZV Z_` `a` [Z_c ` Z`WW& T `\^WV U`STW\S``W^Z_[X[^YSZ 1S` [Z2SU` b `2SZV_[U S Z`W^SU` [Z X`[[aUW\S_ _ _[Z\a^_a `[X_WX Z`W^W_`WVY[S_SZVZ[`WZ[aYWY ` S`WWSZ_`[ SU WbW`W_WY[S_2_[U W` _WX`Z[^W__[^SZ[ U U^ W _S_\`[[XYS\TW`cWWZUa`a^S\^W_U^ TWVS_\ ^S` [Z_SZV_[U S_`^aU`a^WVWSZ_ X[^^WS 1 ZY`[_WS_\ ^S` [Z_ Ua`a^S\^W_U^ TWVS_\ ^S` [ZÊ^WWU` [Z[XZ[` [Z`S`S_\ ^S` [Z_S^WWZ` ^W_WX U^WS`WV!^S`W^2`WS^WVWX ZWVTUa`a^WSZV`^SZ_ ``WVT[`W^WTW^_[X_[U W` U^[SZ[ WÊcW^WSZ ZV b VaS\SUW_[^WbSaW_[Z_WX Z`W^W_``SZ[ZU[WU` bWbSaW_ cWZ_WX`^SZ_UWZV ZY[^U[WU` bWbSaW_S^WcWS2U^ WSZVVWb SZUWTWU[W_[^W W _[W_[U W` W_SbW_`^aU`a^SXWS`a^W_`S`U^WS`W_aZWbWZV _`^ Ta` [Z[XWY ` S`W [\\[^`aZ ` W_Ê`W^Wc TW\[UW`_[X Z_`^aWZ`SU^ W_^WYS^VW__[XUa`a^SbSaW_ U[W^U bWX[^UW_W&(WU[Z[ U\^W__a^W_USZ\^[VaUW_`^S Z_`S`USZ\^[VaUWVW_\W^S` [ZSZV SZYW^ W^^S` UU[W^U [Z _\S^` UaS^U[ZVaU bW`[U^[Z U\^WVS`[^U^ W W X`X^[[Z`^[`[\\[^`aZ ``^aU`a^W_ [\\[^`aZ ` W__`^aU`a^WÊ[\\[^`aZ ` __S\WVT`WcS_[U W`[^SZ Z_` `a` [Z _[^YSZ 1WV [^_`^aU`a^WV SZ[ W_ X`WVX^[Z[^W__ZW__`[^WS` bWVW\^ bS` [Z ^WS` bWVW\^ bS` [ZÊ^WS` bWVW\^ bS` [ZSZVST_[a`WVW\^ bS` [ZS^W[X`WZU[Z`^S_`WV ST_[a`WVW\^ bS` [Z^WXW^_`[`W ZST ``[_a_`S Z[ZW_WX\_ USSZV S`W^ S XU[aZ ` W_SbWWY ` S`W[\\[^`aZ ` W_SZVÈ[^ WY ` S`W[\\[^`aZ ` W_2X[a^`\W_[X U[aZ ` W_S^W\[__ TW4 ŵ\WU[aZ ` S_`STW_aÊ`W^WS^W WY ` S`WSZVWY ` S`W[\\[^`aZ ` W_ \^[_` `a` [Z2YST ZY2bS^ W`[X[`W^ WYSSU` b ` W_S^WcW[^YSZ 1WV [^YSZ 1WVU^ ZSWWWZ`SU[ZUWZ`^S`W[ZUW^`S ZSU` b ` W_SZVSb[ VÈV _U[a^SYW b [WZUWSZV[`W^`\W_[XU^ W`S`c[aVa\_W``WU[aZ ` _`STW[cW^US__U[aZ `ÊW&\WU``[X ZVZaTW^[XWY ` S`W[\\[^`aZ ` W_^WXWU` ZY Z[^S[ZY[ ZYSU` b ` W_ ZU ` Ŷ\WU[aZ ` `^SZ_ `[^_aÊ`\ X WVTSVWUS ZY[a_ ZY\^[WU` W&`WZ_ bWaZW\[WZ` `WVW_`ST _ ZY_`[^WX[^XWS^_[X^[TTW^ XWcWY ` S`W[\\[^`aZ ` W_ÊTa_ ZW__SX^S V[X[\WZ ZY \^[_` `a`W_X ZV `VSZYW^[a_`[c[^ ``W_WZ_W[XU[aZ ` XW WY ` S`WSZV WY ` S`W[\\[^`aZ ` W_SbS STW ŷ\WU[aZ ` _aTa^T SÊaUWY ` S`W[\\[^`aZ ` W_2S[_`Z[ WY ` S`W XWW[X
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