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Chapter 1

Sociology 2267A/B Chapter 1: The Rise and Fall of Delinquency

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Sociology 2267A/B
Lisa Lyons

cWWŵ S\`W^ŵÊW _WSZV S[XW Z]aWZU ›W aTU __aW O aTU__aW_ÊS``W^_[X\aT UU[ZUW^Z`S`S^WVWTS`WV ZSbS^ W`[XX[^a_SZVa_aS Zb[bWVWSZV_X[^SU` [Z O Wc_`[\W^UW\` [Z[X[a`U^ WU^ W_`S` _` U_\aT U __aW_X^[\S_` 4 ^W [ZXWVW^S` [Z\W^ [VU V^WZSZV[a``^WS`WV_SWS_SVa`_ 4 U`[^ SZ\W^ [VTWSb [a^SZVcW TW ZY[XU V^WZSZV[a`TWUSWS_aT"WU` [XU[ZUW^Z 4 [_` U`[^ SZ\W^ [V[a`Xa[XXWZVW^_cW^W_W\S^S`WVX^[SVa`_ ZS``W\``[ \^WbWZ``WX^[VWbW[\ ZYU^ ZS XW_`W`S`U[aVS_`S XW` W O _U[a^_WÊ[c` ZY_S^W`SWVST[a`SZVaZVW^_`[[VT[`[^SSZV Zc^ ``WZX[^ ZUaV ZYX[^S`S#W$`W[^%\^[XW__ [ZS`S#W$^W\[^`_T[[_WV S U[ZbW^_S` [Z_% O [`U_[X[a`U^WÊ`WcS_ Zc U[a`U^ W _aZVW^_`[[VSZV`SWVST[a` T[`X[^SSZV ZX[^SSZV`WSU` [Z_Sc_SZV\[ U W_`S`VW^ bWX^[` _ V _U[a^_W O GabWZWa_`UW__`WÊS__`W[XSc_\[ U W_SZV\^SU` UW_VW_ YZWVaZVW^`W Ya V ZY\ [_[\`S`U V^WZSZV[a`TWUSa_W[X`W ^SYWSZVS`a^ `_[aVZ[`TW _aT"WU``[U^ ZSSc Z`W_SWSZZW^S_SVa`_ 4 ``W\`WV`[SVV^W__XSc_ Z&[aZYXXWZVW^_U`#&% º [V X US` [Z_^WXWU`WV ZZWcWY _S` [Z&[a`^ ZS(a_` UWU`#&(% ŷÊ\^ ŶŴŴŷ 4 XXWU` bWZW__ _U[Z_`SZ`VWTS`WV º &[a`SVb[US`W_#_[U Sc[^W^_ScW^_%_WW[a`S_b U` _ ZZWWV[X \^[`WU` [ZSZVTW WbW[a`Z[^&cS_S\^[TW O O__aW`W_SccW^W`[_W^WS`WV`[V XX Ua` W_`S`[a` WZU[aZ`W^ Z ZU^WS_ ZYU[\W$_[U W` O `S`_ ZV US`WV`S`[a`S^WTW ZY`^WS`WVXS^[^WS^_aZVW^ &`SZ`WcW^WaZVW^X[^W^WY _S` [Z#(abWZ WW Z]aWZ`_ U`% 4 aT USUU[aZ`_S^WTW ZYW$SYYW^S`WVSZV _^W\^W_WZ`WV O ^WXW^^WV\[ U W_SVV^W__ ZY\[bW^`SZV Y[a` aZW\[WZ`^S`W^`SZX[Ua_[Z\aZ ` bW"a_` UW^WX[^_ º rSc SZV [^VW^-Y^[a\#r[VTaXXS[\[ UW[XX UW^_-_`[^W_WUa^ ` \W^_[ZZW_S Ta_ ZW__[cZW^_[W[cZW^_S__[U S` [Z_%b WcWV[a` SUUa_WV[XU^ WS_WZWX^[c[SVa`_ZWWVWV\^[`WU` [Z O W`T[`[a`SZV&cW^W`W\^[TW_ 4 &[a`cW^WS\^[TWTWUSa_W. º SU^W_\WU`X[^SZ[ZW[^SZ` ZYS_^WXWU`WV X^[X[aSZYaSYW º SU_WZ_W[X^W_\[Z_ T `X[^U^ ZSTWSb [a^ º W ZU^WS_ ZY Zb[bWV Zb [WZ`U^ ZS TWSb [a^ 4 &b WcWVS_\^[TWTWUSa_W. º &[a`U[aVZ[`TW VWZ` X WV º &[a`cW^WZ[`\aZ _WVX[^`W ^U^ W_ º &[a`SV[^W^ Y`_`SZ`W ^b U` _ º &[a`cW^W`[[\^[`WU`WVT& O W^W_S Ub[ÊU`ŵŸŶŴŴŸ 4 ŵźWS^[V[a`c `\^ [^US^YW_WV Y _\WWV\[ UWUS_WSZVT^[SV _ VWV Ub[1_US^c U WVW^ 4 aW_` [Z ZYc[a`cS_^WWS_WVcWZ_aXX U WZ`Wb VWZ`_[cWV`S`WcS_S` ^ _[X^W[XXWZV ZYSZVcWZ`W^WcS_SZ[a`_`SZV ZYcS^^SZ`X[^ _S^^W_` cWWŵ 4 aW_` [Z_SVV^W__WVU[ZUW^ZWV&(SZVSV Z _`^S` [ZSc Z[bSU[` S º _`W USZV ZV b VaSXS a^W_WSV ZY`[`W^WWS_W[X[a``c[VS_ \^ [^Zb[1_VWS` º $`WZ``[c U&(\^[b _ [Z_U[Z`^ Ta`WV`[^WWS_W[X[a` º [W[X_W^b UW\^[b VW^_ Z^W_\[ZV ZY`[S` ^ _[a`T[`TWX[^WSZV SX`W^[a`1_U^ ZSSU` b ` O S^` U \SZ`_[X\aT UX[^aSbWUSZYWVX^[`W[ZWŵŴWS^_SY[Ta`X[Ua_[XS``WZ` [Z _ `W_SWÊ[a`"a_` UW__`W 4 aT UV _Ua__ [Z _[Z&(Z[c^S`W^`SZ`W&b Wc_\^W_WZ`WV_` XS aZVW^Sc SZV [^VW^SZV[a`SVb[US`WY^[a\_ 4 W_a`WV ZUSZYW[X\^[UWVa^WcWZ[a`\WSVYa ` º ^[cZ _^W]a ^WV`[^W]aW_`SZ WV S`WTS WS^ ZY`[VWU VW[Z VW`S Z ZY[a`TWX[^W_WZ`WZU ZY O WW[X`W$`T[[`[`^SZVaZVW^_`SZV[a`U^ Wc `Sb Wc`[VWbW[\ ZY[^W WXXWU` bW^W_\[Z_W_`[[a`TWSb [a^TWX[^W `_\ ^S_[a`[XU[Z`^[ r›W[[VVS_ O ^ W_`S`_#S_XS^TSUS_ŵ33Ź% ZV US`W[a`SbWScS_TWWZ Zb[bWV ZU^ ZS SU` b ` O `S`_SbW[cW^WV O ŵ5 UWZ`a^ VWSVWbW[\WV`S`U V^WZSV^ Y`_S_ ZV b VaS_ ZVW\WZVWZ`[X`W ^ \S^WZ`_SZV`S``WSVS^ Y``[\^[`WU` [ZX^[SVa`_ O [[Z S\W^ [V\W^UW bWVUSa_W_[X[a`U^ WcW^W\S^WZ`_SZVXa^`^SVW 4 S^WZ`_cW^W[bW^ ZVaYWZ` 4 a^`^SVWcS_SaU^S` bW`^SVWSZV `_ScX^SaV_`WX`_S__Sa`_a^VW^_ º O Y^SZ`_U[ ZY`[`WWcc[^VX^[a^[\WV WV[^STSZV[ZWV`W ^ U V^WZ 4 ^[\[_S_X[^_[a` [Z__ S^`[[VW^ZVS\^[\[_S_ º ZW_SZV\aZ _WZ`X[^\S^WZ`_ º `S^"a_` UW º OZU^WS_W ZYS^^ _[Z`^[[\_ º [^W_U[[_ º [ZX ZWWZ` ` O ŵ5 UWZ`a^O^ _XS ZWW$SUW^TS`WV[^\SZ\^[TW ZSZSVST ZU^WS_ ZY[^W Y^S` [Z_ 4 Vŵ3ŴŴ_^ ` _SZVSZSV SZSa`[^ ` W
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