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Chapter 7

Sociology 2267A/B Chapter 7: Family, School, Peers, and the Youth Crime Problem

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Sociology 2267A/B
Lisa Lyons

SU [[SZV WW^_ [bŻŶŴŵŵ S\`W^ŻÊ SU [[ WW^_SZV` W[a` ^W ^[TW S O U^[_U[\U\W^_\WU`bWÊ^WXW^_`[` W[^W`USS\\^[SU W_` S`X[Ua_[ZZVbVaS_SZV TW Sb[a^Z_S_[US_W``ZY_^S` W^` SZZU[Z`W `[XS^YW^_[US_`^aU`a^W_ 4 !^W_WS^U W SZZY^WS`[Z_ \TW`cWWZXSXSU`[^_SZV[a` U^W[[#ZY S`_`^aU`a^W[XXS[^XS^WS`[Z_ \_ O ^[WZ[W_\[`W__ÊU[[Z WV\^[\[_`[Z` S`U V^WZX^[Vb[^UWVSZV _ZYW$\S^WZ`XSW_S^W[^W#W`[TWVWZ]aWZ` O ŷS&[^WXXWU`_[XVb[^UW[Zc[WZ` S`SZXaWZUWU V^WZ'_TW Sb[a^ 4 ZYW[` W^_[bW^Ta^VWZWVX^[c[^#ZYZST[a^X[^UWSZVUS^ZYX[^U V^WZ 4 ZYW[` W^_W \W^WZUWU[Z_VW^STWXZSZUS_`^W__Z` S`XWSW$ WSVWV [a_W [V_WS^ZW__` SZ SX` WZU[WWS^ZWVZSW$ WSVWV [a_W [V_ 4 ZYW[` W^_W \W^WZUW_[US_[S`[Z(WSZ_XWcW^_[USSZVW[`[ZS _a\\[^`_) O W`SSZS__Ê`\W[XSZS__Zc U aZ`[XSZS___^W_WS^U ^W_a`_X^[[` W^ ^W_WS^U ^W\[^`_ 4 ºW_SZVSZ#ZU[ZVaU`WVW`S$SZS__[X^W_WS^U [Z\SU`[XT^[#WZ [W_ [ZVWZ]aWZUX[aZV` S`+ WS`[Z_ \TW`cWWZT^[#WZ [W_SZVVWZ]aWZU_cWS# WS`[Z_ \ S_TWWZW\^USVW[Z_`^S`WVU[Z__`WZ`X[^[^W` SZ ŹŴWS^_ WS`[Z_ \__`^[ZYW^X[^Z[^U^W_` SZX[^_W^[a_[ZW_ `WZ`` S`` W^WS^WZWYS`bWWXXWU`_[ZU V^WZ(WXXWU`_Y^WS`W^X[^T[_ ` SZY^_) O S_`^aU`a^W S_cWS#^WS`[Z_ \c` VWZ]aWZU^S`W_ O a`[^`S`bW\S^WZ`ZYÊ_a\\[^`bWSZVVWSZVZY O a`[^`S^SZ\S^WZ`ZYÊ^W&WU`ZYSZVVWSZVZY O rZVaYWZ`\S^WZ`ZYÊ_a\\[^`bWSZVZ[`VWSZVZY O rZVXXW^WZ`\S^WZ`ZYÊ^W&WU`ZYSZVZ[`VWSZVZY O rZ`W^ZSXSVZSU_S^WU[Z_VW^ST[^W\[^`SZ`` SZXS_`^aU`a^WZSXXWU`ZY VWZ]aWZU O ‰XXW^WZ`SS__[US`[Z` W[^c[aV_aYYW_`` S`U V^WZ[XU^ZS\S^WZ`_[^W#W`[ WZYSYWZU^ZS[^VWZ]aWZ`TW Sb[a^ O [Z`^[` W[^Ê \[` W_-W_` S`U V^WZc [S^WZ[`.S``SU WV/`[` W^\S^WZ`_c SbW Y W^^S`W_[XVWZ]aWZU O [aZVXS_`^aU`a^WSY[[V\^WVU`[^[XVWZ]aWZU(^WYS^VW__[XSYWYWZVW^ZU[W) 4 S^WZ`SS``SU WZ`_U[Z_VW^WV_`S`_`US^WS`[Z_ \TW`cWWZVWZ]aWZUSZV XS_`^aU`a^WcS_U[Z_VW^STVZ_ WV O `aVZVUS`WV` S`c WVWZ]aWZU SVZWYS`bWWXXWU`_[ZS``SU WZ`_`[\S^WZ`_ S``SU WZ`V[W_Z[` SbW_YZXUSZ`WXXWU`[ZVWZ]aWZU O [Ua_ZY[ZS``SU WZ`_`[\S^WZ`_ZYWZW^S__W_` W\[^`SZ`W`[[YUS]aW_`[Z ST[a`VWZ]aWZU!c S`XSU`[^_S^W^W_\[Z_TWX[^cWS#S``SU WZ`_`[\S^WZ`_0 4 `[[YUSÊ SbZY`[V[c` USa_W[X[^YZ 4 ºWS#S``SU WZ`_STWTWUSa_W\S^WZ`_(a_aSXS` W^_)S^WSTa_bW_[[a` `^`[Sb[V [Wc W^W` WU[ZXU`_ O WZ_`\W^_\WU`bW[ZXWSWU^WcZ[`[ZSUU[aZ`X[^\S`^S^U S_[US_`^aU`a^W_ Ta`S_[U[Z`SZW \U`U[ZUW^ZST[a`\ _USSZV_W aSSTa_W[XY^_SZV` W ^WS`[Z_ \TW`cWWZ` W`c[ O . S^WZ`STa_W/U[ZUW\`ÊS[c_\S^WZ`_`[VWZ` S`U V^WZ SbWZ W^WZ`^Y `_SZV` S` ` WS^W\W^_[Z_c` VYZ`SZV^Y `_[X` W^[cZSZV` S`\S^WZ`_SZV` W_`S`W SbW [TYS`[Z`[\^[bVWX[^` [_W^Y `_ 4 S`U $\ ^S_Wa_WV`[TSWU V^WZX[^` W^TSVTW Sb[a^ SU [[SZV WW^_ [bŻŶŴŵŵ 4 W[bW_\S^WZ`S^W_\[Z_T`T_ X`ZYXSa^W[X\S^WZ`S^W_\[Z_T[Z`[ U V^WZ 4 VSZ[`TW[a`[XU[Z`^[Ta`X[^\S^WZ`_[a`[X`W^U[Z`^[ U[[ O [_`b_`SZV.[VW^Z/_UWZ`XU` Z#ZY[Z[a` U^W[[#_S`XSXSU`[^_`[W \SZ U^ZSTW Sb[a^[X[a` SZVU V^WZ O [ WZ'__aTUa`a^S` W[^SZVU[Z`^[` W[^_aYYW_`_` S`_U [[_SVW`W^ZSZ`[X VWZ]aWZ`TW Sb[a^ O `^SZ` W[^_aYYW_`_` S`VWZ]aWZ`_aTUa`a^W_`WWVX^[^WSU`[ZX[^S`[Z c W^WZ[cW^$SZVVVW$US__[a` ^W_\[ZVWV`[X^a_`^S`[Z_W \W^WZUWVZVVW$ US___U [[__`W O WS`[Z_ \TW`cWWZ_U [[U[`WZ`SZV[a` U^W 4 ]SU#[XU[`WZ`^WS`WV`[WS^[Z_W`[XVWZ]aWZU O ^SUZYÊ_U [[\[UW_` S`Y^[a\SZV_`^WS_`aVWZ`_Z`[VXXW^WZ`\^[Y^S_TS_WV[Z ` W^\W^X[^SZUW[Z_`SZVS^V-WV`W_`_ 4 `aVW__ [cVWZ]aWZU`[TW[^W_`^[ZYU[^^WS`WVc` `^SU#ZY` SZc` YWZVW^[^_[USUS__ 4 ZVZY__aYYW_`` S``^SU#ZYSTW^WS`WV`[VWZ]aWZU[Zc WZ_
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