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Sociology 2270A/B
Agata Piekosz

Ethnomethodology – how people make sense of their world by understanding the members, accounts and accounting in society. • Created by Harold Garfinkel • Involves social facts  looks at both macrosociology and microsociology & the accomplishments made by the members. • Examines the actions the members use in terms of their accounts Studies of institutional Settings – exams both casual and institutional settings, exploring how the tasks are accomplished within these settings • Job interviews  what is the structure of the conversation that defines an interview. • Negotiations  informal ways that provide clues to how the business world operates. • Emergency Centers  the informal nature of the conversation leads to problems, not the dispatcher. • Mediation  conflict resolution is easier with a mediator because it climates the process the lead to tension within the conversation. - constrains the amount of interruptions - permission to speak - disputants address their remark without putting blame - act as a buffer and controller - mediation is not the same as normal conversation – the interactions are handled completely different Conversation Analysis – exploring how conversations are structured, and what is achieved and accomplished during the conversation. 1) The collection of data on conversation 2) The smallest detail is essential to a conversation 3) Interaction are stable and independent 4) There needs to organization to the conversation 5) Interactions are context shape (the interaction is based off what was originally said, and is then shaped after what has been put forth) • Conversation is the basis of interpersonal relations • Telephone conversations  understand how the conversations work without visual contact. - interested in the structure of the conversation • Laughter  understanding why people laugh, and what cues them to start laughing. -laughter is more organized and less free expression • Applause  understanding why people applause, based off the notion of emphasis and the point of their conversation. - contrast -list
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