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Sociology 3308F/G
Kim Shuey

Andrew, Jackson; "Why Jobs are Important" Wednesday, January 15, 2014 7:58 PM Jobs and a Changing Workforce • Almost 78% of people between 15-64 participate in paid workforce o Working, or unemployed but actively seeking work • Very few canadians have no attachment at all to the job market • Most household income comes from employment in canada o Versus investments, small business incomes, welfare, etc. • A lot ahs changed since 1950s when adult male breadwinner worked to support family • More women participate in the workforce and post secondary institutions than ever before • Most people retiring just after 60, opposed to 65 a generation ago • Still differences between men and women's employment • Reality that we live in a market economy- how we work determines our lifestyle • Jobs are a major source of personal identity • Connect us to wider society, provide us with a sense of participation in a collective effort • Good jobs give a sense of belonging, usefulness, and provide material needs • Bad jobs give rise to poverty, low income, stress, ill health, alienation from wider society • Gdp; gross domestic property: sum total of all income in thje country, and sum total of all output • Gdp and unemployment rate (people who want to workn but cant find work) • Two indicators of canada's progress • When people are frustrated with their jobs, morale can plummet and loyalty can all but disappear o That’s when you see absenteeism and turnover rates increase • Getting raises less important in workplace than other factors • Being trusted to get job done most important • Person's age or stage in life strongly influences what they want • Gdp growth and unemployment tell us nothing about the adequacy of wages or how earnings are distributed among households and families •
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