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Chapter 12

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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Media - Perspectives on Media Transformation: - Technological change and the information society: - Daniel Bell argued for the information society-> shift in postindustrial society inspired by advanced scientific knowledge organized to create new wealth producing technologies - Information technologies moving us into a new stage of civilization - Technological determinism-> True force of social change is introduction of new tools/machines - The Political Economy of Media- Power and Wealth: - Political economy of media-> Relates media in relation to issues of power/wealth - Looks at social institutions that govern production/distribution/consumption of information - Interested in who controls access to means of communication - Challenge notion that communication systems in liberal democracies are ‘free’ - See media under capitalism and designed to produce a profit - High concentration of ownership in fields of media - Commercial ownership brings about serious distortions in communication systems - Commercial entertainment keep people in buying mood and distracts people from making criticisms - Media Audiences- From couch potato to co creator: - Hypodermic model-> Sees media as feeding audiences messages that make them act in a particular way - Media regarded as dangerous and people as passive zombies - Cultural studies school->Sees popular culture as a place where contending culture agendas/beliefs are in conflict with one another - Values/identities being shown to audience can be interpreted in different ways - Meaning of subject depends on audience members class/ethnic position - Active audience theory-> People respond/interpret media in different ways and this can be a significant aspect that leads to cultural authority issues - In this view easy to lose sight of macro structures that shape media’s overall agenda - Gender and the Media: - Identities as male/female, homosexual/heterosexual are socially constructed through images presented by the media - Media helps people define what
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