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Western University
Sociology 1020
Suzanne Ricard

STUDY GUIDE SOCIOLOGY 1021 Table of Contents Chapter Name Page Number1 Introduction to Sociology 22 Research Methods 73 Culture 124 Socialization 175 Deviance 246 Social Inequality 317 Gender Relations 378 Race and Ethnic Relations 429 Aging 4710 Families 5111 Religion 5612 Media 6213 Education 6914 Organization and Work 7215 Social Movements 7616 Demography and Urbanization 7817 Social Change 83 1Chapter 1 Introduction to Sociology Emile Durkheim o Investigation of Suicide o Durkheim argued that social factors effected suicide o NOT individually isolated ones such as mental illness inherited tendencies or unhappiness o He said that it depended on Social facts o Because of Social isolationMen more than womenProtestants more than Catholics and JewsOlder more than younger peopleSingle more than married people o Egoistic Suicide Suicide because of lack of social ties o Suicide bombers feel excessive ties to their society o Altruistic Suicide Suicide because of excessively strong ties o In a setting where change happens fast people experience unpredictability and no limits which causes suicide o Anomic Suicide Suicide because of insufficient regulations o In a setting with a lot of rules fascistcommunist People feel constricted and trapped o Fatalistic Suicide Suicide because of too many rules and too few optionsSociologists dont say that behaviour is ALWAYS caused by group experiences but they do think that group behaviour is influenced to a certain extent by different circumstances Auguste Comte o Saw sociology as a religion and science o Sociologists would be the priestsguide societies through bad times and heal problemsDurkheim argued that society is based on consensus and cooperationo Society is like a human body each organ performing specific task all social ills are fixableMarx denied this and said that powerful peopleheld society together by making weaker people submit to them o Social ills can only be cured if these powerful people are overthrown and everyone is equal and cooperative 2
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