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Chapter 10

Images of Society - Chapter 10 - Mother Cow

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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Images of Society Chapter 10: Mother Cow 13 October 2011 Intoduction: - Western commonly think of themselves as rational and progressive in Contrast to people living in non-Western cultures - they hold on to their traditions and show - a lack of proceess - Marvin Harris (1927-2001), anthropolist, made a career of demonstarting that cultural practices often strike Westerns as irrational (however, they are reasonable adaptation to the material conditions of life in which many non- Western population find themelves) Body: - Western observers observers question why when people are starving in India, don't eat the cows they have - however in India, spirtual values are more precious than life itself, and this makes us feel sad (Westerners) - to Hindus, the cows symbolize everything that is alive (mother of live, compared to Mary, mother of Jesus) - no great sacrilege for a Hindu than killing a cow - many experts say that cow worship is the number one cuase of India`s hunger and poverty - they don`t contribute at all (no meat or milk) - they go free and interupte life in Ind
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