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Chapter 26

Images of Society - Chapter 26

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Western University
Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Images of Society Chapter 26 - Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View 7 October 2011 - the Milgram experiment's goal was to find out how difficult it is to get otherwise decent people to obey an order to harm another human being - it isn't difficult at all - someone that tells someone to do something (like harming someone) wouldn't do it unless they were in a position of authority - the study gives a dilemma contemporary form by treating it as a subject matter for experimental inquiry The Dilemma of Obedience: - from 1933-1945, millions of people were killed because of Nazi Germany - the people obeyed the orders given to them - the idea of the experiment was that a person comes to a psychology laboratory and is told to carry out a series of acts that come increasingly into conflict with conscience - the main question was how for the participant will comply with the experimenter’s instructions before refusing to carry out the actions required of him/her - one person was the teacher, the other was the learner (played by an actor) - the study was to see how punishment effects learning (what the participates were told) - the learner was in a room where they were attached with electrode that would shock them each time they got a question wrong - the voltage would increase to each question they got wrong - the teacher would be set up in a room where they would be in charge of the voltage - the shock ranged from 15 volts - 450 volts - when the questio
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