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Unit 3

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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Unit 3 CultureCulture Every culture has different aspects that only we can understandWhat is culture o Values beliefs behavior material objects that constitute a peoples way of lifeProxemicsEduard T Hall Culturally specific relations in time and spaceTime is very valuable in our societytime is moneySpace is very importantlay claim to and defend certain space Values in Canada and United States Same or DifferentLipset was an old study that showed that differences existCanadians o Trust government more respect for authority less individualism lower rates of violenceUnited States o Distrust in government less respect for authority more individualism more likely to volunteerDifferences are based on how the country was formed o America was formed through civil war they support individualism but didnt have a strong government5 Major Components of Culture1 Symbols 2 Languages 3 Values 4 Beliefs 5 Norms SymbolsAnything that carries a particular meanings recognized by people who share culture LanguageAllows the continuity of a nationLanguage is the foundation of a nation ValuesCulturally designed standards in cultureCollective ideas of what is rightwrong and what is desirableundesirable
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