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Chapter 17

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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Chapter 17 Experimental Family Organization An HistoricoCultural Report on the Oneida Community Allison Rozman November 26 2011y Ours is a culture in which 1 the relationship between husband and wife is supposed to be characterized by emotional intimacy 2 parents are supposed to love their children as Special treasures y what isfamily life like in a society where monogamy and emotional intimacy between sexual partners is discouraged and where special attachments between children and parents is discouraged y Oneida Communityy Community was founded in 1848 on the old Indian lands along the Oneida creek in central new york state y John Humphrey Noyes was the founder and leader y Perfectionist philosophy y Noyes theology revolved around spiritual equality which included both the economic and sexual spheres y Due to their location being near the heart of the puritanism Noyes and his followers were run out of town y Resembling Oneida New York they constructed a large community Mansion house able to increase the size of the group to several hundred members y Economic communism group marriage scientific breeding sexual equality y The community flourished until 1880after which a business enterprise Oneida ltd was set up and the stock apportioned among the membersSocial organization and family functionsy Entire membership was housed under one roof y Brick building known as the mansion house y Community dining hall recreation rooms library concert
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