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Chapter 15

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Western University
Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Chapter 15 on Social Movements - social movements: a large group of people trying to being about or resist social change - small change or large change - maybe concerned with values or morals; or with economic issues The Early Theoretical Approaches: Collective behaviour: - occurs when a large number of people do not accept some of the prevailing values, norms, or leaders of a society - advocate or engage in activities that are less institutionalized - Blumer and social contagion: the relatively rapid, unwitting, and non-rational dissemination of a moral, impulse or form of conduct - usually happens when something has disturbed the established ways in which people are accustomed to doing things Emergent norm theory: - Turner and Killian - an explanation of crowd behaviour that stresses diversity of membership but a perception of consensus, which leads to a new norm expressing the apparent will of the crowd Social Breakdown:
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