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Racism and Ethnic Inequality

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Sociology 2140

Racism and Ethnic Inequality September 27, 2012 Midterm = Nov. 1 in Auditorium Multiple Choices Student Card 1-6 chapters No Class = October 11th Ethnic group  They are distinguished by themselves or others on cultural or nationally characteristics o Language, country of origin, adherence to your culture (language issues, cultural transformation) o 5 main characteristic they share  1  Cultural Traits  Food – Perogies (Russia)  2  Community  How do they intersperse themselves with the general Canadian Public  3  Distinct group feeling  4  Join membership at birth  5  Distinct geo-graphic area Race  Social construct  Classify people on social and political reasoning and values rather then biological givens Racialized group  Categorizes of people who are singled out by others or themselves as inferior or superior on basis of very subjective physical characteristics o Skin colour (high variability) o Hair/ hair texture o Eye shape  We think whites are distinguished (vs. Blacks, vs. Asians) Roots of Race  Traits are sometimes arbitrary  why would we focus on skin colour and not eye colour  Racial purity is a myth  Highly political and politicized Political  “The personal is political”  Sometimes we perceive others to be different but we use perceptions to justify the treatment of these people (most often faulty)  Disparities in the criminal justice system  our first nations are most likely to be process through as guilty  How we use our power for or against individuals Majority vs. Minority Groups  White Privilege  Dominate (Majority group)  based on middle class ideology o Status quo in Canadian Society o Advantages by access to class and mechanisms of income o Access to rights and resources in society o Used social y variables’ such as gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality and disability  Subordinate (Minority) o Disadvantaged and more likely to be subject to discrimination o People of colour, those whom are disabled, etc..  White Privilege o What contributes white skin? o We trace our ancestor to Europe o We think of themselves as European Canadian or WASP [WHITE ANGLO-SAXON PROTESTANTS] Internalized dominance  White peopl
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