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Sociology 2240E
Charles Levine

Auguste ComteChampioning of positivism Research is subordinated to theoryComets thinking is premised on the idea that there is a real world for example biological sociological out there and that it is the task of scientists to discover and report on itReferred to as a realist2 basic ways of getting at the real world that exists out there1Doing research 2Theorizing emphasizes the need for theory and speculation discovered sociology in 1839developed a hierarchy of the positivistic sciences with sociology as the pinnacle no place for psych sociology builds upon the knowledge and procedures of the sciences that stand beneath it sociology is the most important and difficult subject of all in Comtes view Theorizing is ultimate activity3 basic methods for sociology in order to gain empirical knowledge of the real social world 1Observation should be directed by some theory should be connected to some law2Experiment better suited for other sciences rather than sociology impossible to interfere with social phenomena natural experiment is an exception3Comparison 3 subtypes a compare humans to lower animal societies b compare societies in different parts of the worlds c compare different stages of societies over time known as chief scientific device of sociology 4Historical research most important contributions in placing Law of the 3 stages3 basic stages and proceeded to argue that the human mind people through the maturation processall branches of knowledge and the history of the world all pass successively through these 3 stages Each stage involves the search by human beings for an explanation of the things around them
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