Statistical Sciences 1023A/B Chapter 9: Chapter 9

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Western University
Statistical Sciences
Statistical Sciences 1023A/B
Lori Murray

Chapter 9 Plots, Graphs, and Pictures Plots, Graphs, and Pictures Welldesigned Statistical Pictures The data should stand out clearly from the background There should be clear labelling including title or purpose, what each axis, bar, etc. means, the scale of each axis including starting points Data should be sourced No chart junk if possible (extraneous material) Categorical Data The best way to present categorical data is either as a bar graph or pie chart. A bar graph gives a visual display of the relative sizes of each category. A pie chart gives a visual display of what fraction or percentage of the whole each category accounts for. Plots, Graphs, and Pictures Pie Chart Bar Graph Pie Charts Useful when only one categorical variable is measured (i.e. eye colour, program) Show what percentage of the whole falls into each category Bar Graphs Show or frequencies in various categories, but can also represent two or three variables simultaneously One variable = horizontal axis, upon which each bar represents a variation Two variables = horizontal AND vertical are categories Three variables = horizontal, vertical AND there are two parts to each bar (i.e. MF) Pictograms Like a bar graph, except with image Need to look only at the height, and not be misled by the area of each image. Line Graphs
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