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Statistical Sciences
Statistical Sciences 1024A/B

Statistics 1024A September 2012 Chapter 1- Picturing Distributions with Graphs Individuals: the objects described by a set of data, also known as experimental units or sampling units (people, animals, things) e.g. students, dogs, foods Variables: any characteristic of an individual, can take different values for different individuals e.g. age, height, weight, breed - Quantitative Variables: something that can be counted or measured, then added, averaged, etc. (usually in a unit of measurement) - Categorical Variables: something that falls into one of several categories (hair color, blood type, yes or no answers, etc.) Distribution of a variable: describes what values the variable take on and how often it does so Distribution of a Categorical Variable: lists the categories and gives either the count or the percent of individuals who fall in each category Graphs for Categorical Data: Bar Graph: gives a visual display of the relative sizes of each category - Vertical axis: count (frequency) or relative frequency Pie Chart: gives a visual display of what fraction or percentage of the whole each category accounts for Graphs for Quantitative Data: Histogram: gives a visual display of the distribution of quantitative variables by reducing (or summarizing) the variable to a categorical Statistics 1024A September 2012 one - Yields a bar g
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