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Statistical Sciences
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Statistical Sciences 1024A/B
Lori Murray

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Chapter 1y Individual a person or object which an observation is madesometimes called experimental unitssampling units y Variable any characteristics of the individualo Observer measures the value of the variable for EACH individual Exampleof leaves on a tree resting heart rate of a runnerof km on a cary 2 types of variables o Quantitive something that can be measuredcounted addedaveraged etc a number o Categorical something that falls into one of several categories a nonnumber y Distribution of a variable describes what values the variable take on and how ofteno Distribution of a categorical variable lists the categories and gives either count or percent of the individuals who fall in each categoryy Exploratory data analysis statistical tools and ideas that helps us examine data in order to describe their main features o 2 principlesBegin by examining each variable by itselfthen move on to study their relationships among variables Begin with a a graph or graphs then add numeric
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